Magdalina Art Studio

In our work, we want to show the simple, everyday life of the common person; someone who is not normally in the spot light. These people are very interesting in their own right. In their faces and poses they show real life: love for family and friends, care of the land and animals, as well as human struggles and pain.

It was the everyday American that built this country. In our paintings of the American West, we want to show the courage and hardiness of the people—especially the cowboy, who loves his work despite the harsh conditions; and the Native American who lived off the land and understood the connection between man, animal and land.

With our paintings, we want to show the modern viewer the power these people had in shaping the country we live in today. Through the paintings we want to celebrate the majesty of the land and Gods creation. We hope to create incredible paintings that will touch the hearts and inspire the modern viewer.